November 2018 meeting planning

Guess what? You’re now in charge of the archives. It’s in this room/connex/basement/attic/closet over here. Nobody has really done anything with it since our employee who got it started 40 years ago retired. We think there’s important stuff in there, so figure it out!

Sound familiar? We’ve all heard it or some variation of it. So what do you do now?

This is our topic for our November 2018 meeting of AK Archivists.

But first, we need to get that meeting scheduled. We have a Doodle poll set up so if you’re interested in participating in this discussion, choose all the dates and times that work for you. Whichever gets the most votes will get the schedule time. Please make sure to respond before 5 pm on Friday, 10/26 so we can get the news out about it and everybody can get it on their schedules.

Also: Do you have a little experience with this scenario? We’re seeking one or two participants who would be willing to lead the discussion during the meeting. Use the contact form link above to let us know.


2 replies to “November 2018 meeting planning

    1. Leslie: that’s one of the options in the poll, I think. Please fill it out? It would be nice to have a date/time that works for as many people as possible. The poll is open for another week to give a chance to gave the word get out.


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