December 2018 meeting planning

Dealing with digital! Whether born digital or digitized, we can find ourselves struggling to preserve, find space for, describe, assess, provide access to, and fund (how come everybody thinks e is free?) This is the topic for our December 2018 meeting. If you have any questions you want to be sure the group discusses, go ahead and put them in the comments here or in the meeting announcement entry so we can be sure to get those covered.

But first, we need to schedule it. So if you’re interested in participating, please head over to our Doodle poll by 5 pm on Friday November 23 and get your votes in for the time/dates that work best for you.

If you’re interested in taking the lead or taking notes for the meeting, first of all: Thank You! and second: use the contact us form in the menu up top of the page to let us know.

3 replies to “December 2018 meeting planning

  1. Discuss what constitutes preservation-level data management: enterprise-class hardware, backup strategies, “siloing”, data verification/checksum comparisons, etc.


    1. Hi Bob! Can you de-jargon some of that for those of us who may not have dealt with this extensively? What does “preservation-level data management” mean to you? What does “enterprise-class hardware” mean? I can think of about 3-5 different ways siloing might be used in this context so I’m not sure how you’re using it here. That way we can make sure we get to these topics as much as possible and in language that works for everybody whether or not they have extensive experience or training in this area.


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