December meeting: Thurs 12/6 2-3 pm

**update: I have received requests to join and the emails provided result in reject notices for unknown users. Please, when you fill out the form, proofread the email address you provide. We want you to be able to attend! If you’ve contacted us by 12:15 on Thursday, 12/6 and have not yet heard back from us with meeting info, we weren’t able to contact you. Please call our dept at 907-786-1849.**

The votes have it: Thursday, December 6 at 2:00 pm.

Meeting topic: Dealing with digital. Whether born digital or digitized, now you have all this digital stuff to cope with and more is coming in the door. What do you have that you need to preserve and provide access to? What works? What doesn’t? How is digital different from other media types you might have in an archival setting? Important note: this is not about digitizing stuff! We’ll cover digitization and digitization projects in another meeting.

If you’re interested in participating, please use the Contact form link in the menu bar to let us know. We’ll send out meeting link information once we’ve set it up. Please contact us at least two hours in advance of the meeting start to be sure we can get you the information.

We’re seeking a volunteer who will be willing to lead the discussion. The archivists at UAA will handle the technicalities of meeting setup and taking notes, but if you’re interested in being a lead on this discussion, will you please let us know? The Contact link in the site menu will get you to a form you can use.

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