May 2019 meeting planning

First up: here’s the scheduling poll for the May meeting. Please go vote by end of day on Friday, May 3 so we can get that on everybody’s calendar as soon as possible.

Second: I was going to do a poll of potential meeting topics but I received only two suggestions after the last meeting. One was to talk about what we do with grey lit as archivists (you know, the semi-published stuff or self-published materials for which only a few copies are floating around) and the other was to talk about the forms we use when working with users of our materials. Since the second seemed applicable to a much wider group of our regular attendees and I’ve received several requests for these lately here at the UAA/APU Consortium Library archives, I hope you don’t mind that I chose to go with that one for the moment. We can absolutely do the other one for another meeting if it interests you: please let me know. Also if you have any other suggestions for meeting topics, please let me know? The contact link in the menu on the upper right is a great way to do that.

Related to the meeting topic: If you have boilerplate (or not so boilerplate) forms that you use with researchers when they come in to use materials or request copies or request permission to use, etc, would you be willing to share in advance? I’ll get those set up on a google docs site so we can view them in advance of the meeting. Then hopefully during the meeting we can all talk with each other and ask questions about why the forms look the way they do, maybe borrow cool language that somebody else has come up with, and so forth. Use the contact link in the menu bar to let me know if you have forms you’re willing to share and I’ll get in touch via email with a link that will allow you to load those up.

Also: if you’re interested in being the discussion leader, will you let me know?


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