February 18: AkLA Special Libraries & Archives Roundtable Annual Meeting

The Alaska Library Association (AkLA) Special Libraries and Archives Roundtable will be having its annual meeting on February 18 from 3-4 pm via Zoom. To keep meetings to a minimum, there will be no separate AK Archivists meeting this month.

An agenda will be sent out before the meeting, but one of the main items on the agenda will be the selection of a chair-elect. The position of chair-elect will be for a two-year term, after which that person will transition into the position of chair. As chair-elect you will meet with the chair periodically to discuss the direction of the Roundtable, possible conference sessions, and meeting agendas.

The chair’s duties include: conducting quarterly meetings including an annual meeting/meeting at conference (typically the conference meeting is the annual meeting — this year is the exception due to the joint conference being held in August); working with members to create programming for conference; communicating opportunities and other announcements with members through the Listserv; and representing the Roundtable on the AkLA Executive Council (E-Council). A more detailed description of Roundtables can be found in the handbook.

This position is a great way to become more involved in the Special Libraries and Archives Roundtable, as well as AkLA as a whole.

If you would like to be considered for the chair-elect position, please send me an email at alaskarose@acsalaska.net

The agenda will likely also include a discussion of any proposals for the joint AkLA/PNLA conference in August submitted by the Special Libraries and Archives Roundtable members or relevant to the Roundtable’s mission.

If you have additional agenda items you can send them to alaskarose@acsalaska.net by February 15.

Hope to see you all there!

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