July 9, 2020 2-3 pm

Topic for this meeting: Archives Month is in October. Does anybody have any event ideas? Either for your own institution or something that could be done statewide? Let’s talk about possible joint efforts.

Meeting joining information will be shared on the standard distribution lists (AK Archivists, AKLA, and AKMuseums.) If you’re not subscribed to one of those and want to attend, use the contact link in the menu bar to reach Arlene for Zoom joining instructions.

July 2020 (and beyond) meeting planning

In an unusually early move from me (Arlene), I’ve set up a poll to get the July meeting scheduled. Please fill in options by 5 pm Tuesday June 30.

Topic for this meeting: Archives Month is in October. Does anybody have any event ideas? Either for your own institution or something that could be done statewide?

Further 2020 meeting planning:

August: AKLA Special Libraries and Archives Roundtable meeting

September: What’s happening with the National Archives Seattle branch closure? What information or professional perspective might archivists have on the closure? Thanks to Anna Russell of the US Courts Library in Anchorage for suggesting the topic and being willing to act as moderator for the meeting.

October: Open for suggestions.

November: AKLA Special Libraries and Archives Roundtable meeting

December: Archives systems show and tell. Are you willing to do a demo of your collection description discovery system? Have a digital preservation and access system to share? Interested in seeing what others are doing and how it’s going for them?


June 2020 meeting: Monday June 22, 2-3 pm

Again, it’s time for more COVID discussion. How are you all doing? What do you need in terms of support? Have some ideas about working with users and want to see what other folks think? Want some advice from others?

The Zoom information will be going out on the AK Archivists, AKLA, and AK Museums listservs. If you’re not subscribed to one of those, use the contact button on the menu at the top of the page to reach Arlene and get those details.

June 2020 meeting scheduling

Hello all! It’s time to get our June meeting scheduled because there’s not much of June left! Where has the time gone?

For our June meeting, let’s continue with the COVID discussion. How are you all doing? Are you employed? Are you re-opening? Have you developed any tricks for doing distance response to research requests? Are you struggling with aspects of the work and would like the group to offer advice?

But to get it scheduled, please fill out the Doodle poll by end of day on Weds 6/17 as to what dates and times work for you. Thanks!

April 2020 meeting: Thursday April 30, 1-2 pm

Has it felt like forever since we met? Or is that just the whole Covid thing?

Topic-wise, let’s aim for catching up. What are you doing in this rather bizarre time? Are you doing any collecting of materials specific to the pandemic? What services are you offering? Several of our regular attendees are losing work and pay, are there any resources available to individuals?

As it’s not a good idea to post meeting information publicly, I’ll send out meeting details in the email announcements to the AKArchivists, AKMuseums, and AkLA listservs. If you’re not on one of those and need the sign-in information, use the contact link in the menu at the top of the page to get in touch.

March 2020 meeting with Museum Connect

The March AK Archivists meeting will be March 3 at 11 am. We’re co-meeting with our Alaskan museum colleagues for their monthly Museum Connect. Meeting joining details are on their website. Thanks to Anjuli Grantham and Della Hall for suggesting this opportunity.

In the meantime, we are hoping for part of the conversation to be a mastermind session, where an individual poses a question or quandary and gets input and advice from the group (aka spend time in the “hot seat”). This is a chance for archivists to tap the expertise of museum professionals and vice versa. Do you have to do exhibits and need hints and tips to make it as simple as possible? Are you trying to figure out how to best store those mukluks that came in with a collection? What description protocols should you use with artwork?  We are seeking a few volunteers to start off in the hot seat, so please use the contact link in the site menu to let me know if you are willing!

March 2020 meeting details

Tuesday March 3, 2020: 11 am.

Does this look a little different from our standard vote for a date/time? It is! And there’s a very good reason for that: MuseumsAlaska has invited us to have a joint meeting with them on their regularly scheduled monthly Museum Chat. It’s a change to get together with our museum allies and talk about stuff we have in common, ask the curators questions about materials we hold that are more museum-type, let the curators ask us about materials they hold that are more archives-type, and so forth. We’re still working out the logistical details for the meeting (join-in information, agenda) but will have those here as soon as we can.

February 18: AkLA Special Libraries & Archives Roundtable Annual Meeting

The Alaska Library Association (AkLA) Special Libraries and Archives Roundtable will be having its annual meeting on February 18 from 3-4 pm via Zoom. To keep meetings to a minimum, there will be no separate AK Archivists meeting this month.

An agenda will be sent out before the meeting, but one of the main items on the agenda will be the selection of a chair-elect. The position of chair-elect will be for a two-year term, after which that person will transition into the position of chair. As chair-elect you will meet with the chair periodically to discuss the direction of the Roundtable, possible conference sessions, and meeting agendas.

The chair’s duties include: conducting quarterly meetings including an annual meeting/meeting at conference (typically the conference meeting is the annual meeting — this year is the exception due to the joint conference being held in August); working with members to create programming for conference; communicating opportunities and other announcements with members through the Listserv; and representing the Roundtable on the AkLA Executive Council (E-Council). A more detailed description of Roundtables can be found in the handbook.

This position is a great way to become more involved in the Special Libraries and Archives Roundtable, as well as AkLA as a whole.

If you would like to be considered for the chair-elect position, please send me an email at alaskarose@acsalaska.net

The agenda will likely also include a discussion of any proposals for the joint AkLA/PNLA conference in August submitted by the Special Libraries and Archives Roundtable members or relevant to the Roundtable’s mission.

If you have additional agenda items you can send them to alaskarose@acsalaska.net by February 15.

Hope to see you all there!

January 2020 meeting

I’m not quite sure what happened to December, but it just went Poof! I’ll call it a holiday vacation but now it’s time to get back to monthly meetings. The poll closed with the selected time of Wednesday, January 29, 2-3 pm.

In our October meeting we brainstormed a ton of topics that we could use for future meeting topics. (List below).

For the January meeting, let’s talk about grants. What grants are out there that can help support archives programs? What grants have you gotten and what did you learn from the process?

Meeting joining information:

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Future topics:

  • Problem media
  • Reference statistics
  • Forms
  • Transfer documents/deeds of gift
  • Disaster recovery
  • Copyright issues, Music Modernization Act and what it means
  • development/retention of archivists in Alaska
  • Have folks from different archival collections talk about what their collection strengths are.
  •  Collaboration between archives might be another topic.
  • Dealing with artifacts
  • Conservation of materials.
  • Building relationships with donors?
  • Anthropological collections
  • Medical records/HIPAA concerns
  • Cultural rights
  • Corporate archives
  • Records retention
  • Handing of archival film and video.
  • Grants and grant cooperation
  • Tools like Preservica or Islandora or Archives Space.
  • The language of talking to co-professionals, Terms like accession, provenance, Accession is also sometimes different between archives and archives
  • What our challenges are for our collections would also be a good topic.
  • Professional archivists & local volunteer collections
  • What are the major problems we are trying to solve or what are some of the persistent issues that we haven’t been able to solve
  • What are the persistent issues that we finally HAVE been able to solver.
  • A good topic for Outreach–what are the best ways to reach the people that we want to reach?  What media are they actually using? What do they pay attention to?
  • SLED and what we can do with it
  • Maybe other resources we use?

Sept/Oct 2019 meeting

First an apology from me (Arlene): September got away from me. So September’s meeting is going to be in early October and hopefully I can reset my AKArchivists clock to get going a little earlier in the month.

Edit: And the meeting is now scheduled! 2-3 pm on Friday, October 4. To join, here’s all the messy details:

Join Zoom Meeting

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Meeting ID: 411 033 048
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Join by SIP

Join by H.323 (US West) (US East) (China) (India) (EMEA) (Australia) (Hong Kong) (Brazil) (Canada) (Japan)
Meeting ID: 411 033 048

Topic for this meeting: Discussion topic brainstorm to get us set up for the next year! Over the past year we’ve discussed what to do when you’ve just been presented with a collection, dealing with digital materials, digitization projects, outreach, sensitive materials, researcher forms, the Alaska professional association landscape, and researcher stats.  We could revisit some of those, or we could head off in entirely new directions, or both. Suggestions that have been floated already are: disaster recovery and what can we do to support the development and retention of archivists in Alaska. Do you have problem media? Ethical questions? Need help with volunteer management? Trying to develop a collection acquisition policy? Got great solutions to any of the above and want to share them?