Subjects for meetings

This is a list of the subjects for future meetings. If you have any topics you’d like to add, do so in the comments below.

Dealing with previously unmanaged archives, first steps to organization and physical access (scheduled for November 2018 meeting)

Outreach and advocacy (scheduled for February 2019 meeting)

National/Alaska History Day

How can statewide entities better support archivists and archives? What do professionals in the state need to do their jobs better?

How to build a materials budget and how to make the case for materials funding to a board (question from the editor to whoever suggested this: is this a supplies (boxes, folders, scanners, shelving) question? Or a purchasing collections question?)

Rescue for fragile and damaged materials

Ways to strengthen the relationship between Alaskan archivists and Northwest Archivists (and possibly other relevant professional associations)

Digital media: what do we need for equipment? And so forth (scheduled for December 2018 meeting)

Dealing with problematic film media: nitrate, vinegar syndrome, etc.

Planning and starting digitization projects (scheduled for the January 2019 meeting)

Any other suggestions? Also, if you’d like to lead one of the discussions, that would be great! Just use the contact tab above (under the menu link in mobile devices) to let us know.